A Family for Christmas

What a year this has been! A rollercoaster of emotions that I would not trade for the world. To think, a year ago we had only just announced to our family and friends that we were going to pursue the journey of adoption.1012952_10155019982545118_8395106085217931519_n

This year we were lucky enough to be able to spend Christmas with Damien’s family. Due to the line of work we have both been in, the holiday season has always been our busiest time of year. Last year, we both worked right through, including Christmas Day, so this year Damien got Christmas off.

Christmas Day is a huge affair for Damien’s family. With usually around 50 people, it is always an incredible time. This year was no different, except for a few of the family spending their holiday elsewhere.










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We started the day off at church, then headed over to one of the uncle and aunt’s house. We were treated to an incredible feast, the guys held their annual cricket test match (followed by volleyball), and we simply enjoyed relaxing with our nearest and dearest! At the beginning of December I took our little man swimming for the first time.  He swam with me for 1.5hrs that day…and loved it.  Christmas Day was our second swim and he was such a champion.  I think we have a water baby on our hands!

The cherry on top of everything though, was the fact that we had our baby boy with us this year. What a privilege!  Next year, when he’s a bit older and understands a bit better, we will definitely go into more “traditions” with him.

What special Christmas traditions do you and yours have?

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