A Secret Santa challenge

Recently, I have been trying to network a bit more, getting involved with as many “mommy-blogger” groups as I can.  However, with the revamping of our blog (which is still in progress), I haven’t really been wanting to post much until everything looks amazing.  This is going to take time…and I already have a couple of posts written up to share with you, so please bear with the “aesthetics” for now?  I don’t want to miss out on sharing stories in the meantime!

About a month ago, I came across a fantastic concept that I just HAD to be a part of.
A bloggers “Secret Santa”!  I jumped in immediately – what a great way to get to know the community of bloggers in South Africa.

Upon signing up, we were instructed on the amount to spend on a gift, and provided with our “person’s” social media and blog links to embark on our “stalking journey”, in order to think up a suitable gift for that person.

This was a LOT more difficult than I expected!  For anyone who knows me, you will know how much I love giving meaningful gifts.  How do you put meaning into a gift for someone you don’t know?

When I started stalking my “person’s” blog, I quickly realized that this girl seemed to have everything.  She reviews the coolest products, her house looks like it was taken straight off of Pinterest, and her son’s nursery was even featured in a magazine.  How was I going to figure out what to buy for her?

I have been searching for ages and have managed to find two things to send to her…an awesome bowl and a framed printable that I ended up making for her myself.  I really hope that she likes them!


Do you have any funny/interesting Secret Santa stories to share?

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