A very different world…


A year of opportunity.

A year of new adventures.

A year that would kick the shitty year 2019 to the curb.

A year that would be unforgettable.

A year that would change the world as we know it.


Three months into 2020 and the majority of humanity all across the world finds themselves in isolation in their homes.  Forced to stay home, with no physical contact with the outside world, families are finding a special time of reconnection and quality time, whilst at the same time dealing with frustration, cabin fever, anxiety and stress about this horrible virus that has taken over our world.


COVID-19.  Everybody’s talking about it.  Everybody’s thinking about it.  Everybody’s fighting about it.  It’s taken over every aspect of our lives.  Here in South Africa, we find ourselves in isolation in our homes for 21 days.  We are on day 2.  We have police and military patrolling our streets, making sure that nobody ventures out for any reason other than essential items.

I am an extrovert.  Completely and unashamedly.  I thrive on being busy ALLLLLL the time (to a fault).  Our family have a wonderful group of friends that we usually spend a lot of time with.  Isolation for 21 days is a scary concept for me.  I have seen where my mind goes after a day or two of not leaving the house….my mind becomes a dark place.  My mental health is honestly one of my biggest concerns during this time.

Thankfully, I have a level-headed husband who manages to ground me when I’m at my worst.  After a few discussions, we decided that we would enforce a few rules:

  1. Have a planned out day for our “weekdays”.  I still need to work from home which helps, but we have also got to homeschool our little Grade 1, so having an hour-by-hour plan for him too helps us all.
  2. Weekends are our “chill time”.  We all get to just enjoy doing what we feel like doing.  If we need a day of Netflix, then that’s okay.  If we decide to work outside in the garden all day, that’s okay.
  3. If at any point any of us need “time-out”, that’s okay.  Our son included.  We are all allowed to have bad days.
  4. Have a project to keep you busy.  I have set up a little recording studio in our spare room – let’s see how that goes!
  5. Exercise EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Whether it’s walking up and down our driveway, cycling on the stationery bike, yoga, stretching – whatever!  Exercise every day.  For those with little ones, check out this exercise video that our son found and does every day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TgLtF3PMOc

With rules in place, the first two days have gone so much better (and quicker!) than expected.  We have spent so much time together as a family just being together, playing hand tennis, relaxing outside in the garden, watching the life around us.  We are privileged to be spending this time in such a beautiful place – my heart goes out to those who are stuck in places where they can’t enjoy time outside.

Let’s hope that this lockdown period bring a refreshing, new ideas, lifelong memories and a completed DIY list!



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    Keep seeking Jesus in this time my friend. Seek him daily as you fight the loneliness and being away from people. ❤ He’s got you 💪

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