Breaking the Silence…

Things have been quiet on our blog recently.  The reason?  We have been spending every precious moment with our gorgeous baby boy!  Some of you may have seen the announcement…the rest, OUR BABY BOY IS HOME!  We are unquestionably in love! We brought him home on the 20th June 2014, smiling faces all around!  He did so well sitting the 6 hours in the car on the way home.  He is the most relaxed, content, happy child I have ever met in my entire life.  Did I mention how gorgeous he is???  Here’s proof!



So, how did it happen?  As most of you know, we were waiting for AGES for our police clearance certificates to come through.  Eventually, after not being able to get hold of the right person at the Criminal Records Bureau, our social worker pitched up at their door and refused to leave without them.  Luckily she knew her way around and where the management offices were!  Again, I can’t say it enough…we have been so blessed to have been assigned to such an awesome social worker!  She really has gone the extra mile in every single thing during this process!

Finally, our clearance certificates are in!  Now we wait… We had a time-frame of waiting in mind.  We thought we would get “the call” mid-end July, so when our social worker called D at work on the 12th June, he wasn’t expecting what she had to say.  Speechless, he could find no appropriate response to the words “So, this is THE call!” aside from “Thank you”.  Needless to say, he called me straight away and simply said “So, H phoned.”  That’s all it took.  My focus went out the window for the rest of the work day!

The day had come!  Finally! While we were on the training course, H showed us a video of a couple who had opened the email with their child’s profile together and filmed their reaction to it.  We absolutely LOVED this idea and were instantly on board with doing the same.  So, after work, I drove what felt like an eternity to D’s work to use the WiFi there, avoiding two potentially terrible car accidents on the way!

We set up our laptop and the video camera (phone) and “GO!”…or not.  The internet had it’s slowest day in history that day.  It took around 10 minutes to load the email! Then, there he was. He is ours. He’s amazing, perfect! Love! We spent the remainder of the evening phoning family and friends, sending them his photo (on a pre-made announcement card) while on the phone to them.  It was such a special time and the love that penetrated every conversation was both encouraging and overwhelming!

Now, to wait a week! The 20th June will always be celebrated in our home.  The day we met our baby boy and got to bring him home forever.  We met at the agency and drove with our social worker and the camera man (did I mention that they filmed our placement for their new training DVD?)  We all climbed into their vehicle and headed to court.  With neither of us ever having gone to court, we expected this to be the longest part of the day, especially being in a township area.  However, we were pleasantly surprised.  From parking the car to leaving court took approximately 10 minutes!  All we needed was that piece of paper saying we have legal custody of this precious gift.

From there, we headed to the safe house where our baby was staying.  On arrival, we met with the housemother who gave us a breakdown of his personality, routine, favourites, dislikes, as well as an introduction of the home itself.  Now was the big moment! We waited while they went to fetch him from inside (we were in the meeting room, separate from the house).  I actually can’t find the words to properly describe the feelings that rushed over us the moment we saw him coming through the door, the moment we held him for the first time, the moment we kissed him for the first time…overwhelming love, gratitude, relief, disbelief, uncontrollable joy!

We spent a few minutes together, just the three of us, having a moment as a family. Once we had our time alone, we were given a tour of the home.  It was incredible to be able to see where he played, slept, bathed, ate.  We were also blessed to have been able to meet the gorgeous women who had provided for his every need these last few months.  What champion women!  Their hearts just overflow with love for these babies and it is so special to see that our boy really had the best care possible!

Once we had finished our tour and had finished chatting to everyone there, we headed back to the adoption agency’s office and embarked on our long journey home with our very special cargo. I think we spent the next two weeks just staring at him, completely in awe of the miracle we have been gifted with.  In fact, I still have moments where I just stare at him, or tell him the amazing story of how he came to us and how precious he is to us.

On the point of his “story”, many people ask us if we know his background and some even ask questions regarding his story.  We decided a while ago that we won’t be sharing his story with anyone except him, not even grandparents.  Our reason for this is that we want him to be able to decide whether he wants to ever tell anyone his life story or not…and if he does, then he will be able to decide who and when.  So, please don’t get offended if we brush your questions/comments aside when it comes to the details.  At the end of the day, he was in need of a family and we were in need of a child to love as our own.  Both sides of that have been fulfilled in the most perfect way imaginable. Here are a few pics of our gorgeous boy to end this post off:


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