Dear Sam…

A few weeks ago, I shared a link on our Facebook page which dealt with hurtful comments made by people to adoptive parents and their children (read the article here).  This is an area where I struggle the most and am learning daily how to give grace where it’s needed and to give people the benefit of the doubt.

More importantly, a friend and fellow adoptive mom shared a couple stories of confrontation from her experience and the humorous outcomes of each one.  It’s great to hear these as they bring such encouragement and teach me to wear my “sense-of-humour” hat at all times!

Aside from the stories, she gave us a great idea:  to open up an email address for our little man that friends and family, as well as ourselves, can send messages to throughout his childhood and teenage years.  Once he turns 18, we present him with the username and password…he will be able to go and read letters of encouragement and love from all the people who were around him throughout his life.  How incredibly special.  What greater gift can you give to a child than one of such love and meaning?!

So, for those who would like to embark on this journey with us (we will not be checking up on your mails :P), please feel free to send your messages to our little man at:

I pray that love will be the common thread he sees throughout his life…


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