Our announcement…

Life has been interesting in the Ellett household for some time now, with exciting changes that have left us completely dependent on God’s goodness and grace. Needless to say, every single challenge has been met with provision, support and clear direction. Our lives seem to be at a place where there isn’t a moment to let down our guard, as the next challenge pounces at us, shifting our thought patterns, challenging our faith and strengthening the bond of our relationship.

Our recent move to a small town has been the best thing that could’ve happened to us. We have settled in so well and are loving every friendship that has blossomed in this new season, both old and new. Two years into our marriage, we have dealt with a lot of loss, but have also been blessed more than we ever could believe.

For the past year and a bit, we have been trying for a baby. About 9 months ago, we decided that A should go to the doctor just to make sure that everything was okay for her to fall pregnant. We were served with news that was incredibly difficult to hear, we are unable to have a child without fertility treatment. After many discussions with people in a similar situation, we decided to go ahead and try that route. Just as we were about to start the process, our sudden opportunity of relocation came up and stopped us in our tracks. Just after the move, the doctor made it very clear that we couldn’t continue the treatment with him. Unfortunately, the closest medical care for something as specialized as that is at least an hours drive from here – and they charge triple the amount that big city doctors do. With new jobs and a drastic lifestyle change, we were forced to wait a while before pursuing that route again. So we took the time to settle in and get ourselves set up here.

This unexpected bump in the road gave us time to re-evaluate and think properly through what we wanted to do. Most of that time we actually didn’t really sit and talk about it to each other as there was so much going on at work and we were focused on finding stability first.

About 3 weeks ago, A got offered another job – one that is exactly what she was looking for. This brought a sense of more stability, better work hours and completely alleviated all the tension that had been present due to circumstances at the previous job. About two weeks ago, the discussion of a baby resurfaced. However, this time, our hearts were turned towards a completely new direction.


We are extremely excited to announce that we attended our Adoption
orientation meeting on the 4th December and we have decided we will be pursuing this incredible, trying, exhausting, exciting, life-giving journey.

The reason we decided to email you all to let you know is that it doesn’t just take us as parents-to-be to raise our child. It takes a whole community of family and friends. We would love to invite you on the journey of loving our son-to-be. We have been told that we are in for a very long and tiring process, but we are confident that God is in complete control in every aspect of it. We have also been told that we will 99% receive a black baby, of which 60% could be abandoned. These are all important aspects that you need to know and process in order to fully open your hearts up to him.

We pray that each and every one of you will be able to love him as if he was born to us, because you all have something so unique and special to contribute to his life.

We welcome any questions that you may have for us and look forward to sharing this journey with us.

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