The journey so far…

With all the excitement of the decision to adopt starting to wear off, and the reality of the process coming to light, emotions have been a little mixed lately. Just as a couple who are pregnant starts to prepare their home and their lives for their unborn child, we have started to do the same…only the feelings seem to be quite different.

We have been so incredibly blessed by people in our community and our lives that have given us so many items for our little man and we are blown away daily by how much is already provided for. But, as we hang little baby clothes into his cupboard, I can’t help but feel a little disheartened. I am really struggling with the thought that I have no idea when our baby boy will get to us. We are preparing for him with all of our hearts, but there is this ginormous question mark that lingers above us. I really hope that the process starts to move along, I just need a glimmer of something to show us that we are moving forward, not waiting for what feels like an eternity for someone else.

In the meantime, we continue to prepare for our little man.

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