Tick, tock, tick, tock…

Our house is tidy.

That’s a statement I never thought we would achieve!  After a grueling week of hardcore cleaning and organizing, we are ready.  Tomorrow our social worker arrives to complete our screening process…the end is near!  Honestly, I’m feeling quite nervous about the visit, as we have absolutely no idea what to expect.  Our house has no cupboards, so it has been a challenge to try and childproof it.  We also have many creepy-crawlies which could be an issue.  However, I’m hoping that D’s occupation as Head Curator at the reptile park sways them into a positive light.

In anticipation for tomorrow, here are a couple of pics of our amazingly tidy house!

20140401-085005 20140401-084957 20140401-08494720140401-085016

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