Time for the Round-up!

We have a one year old.


That’s right.


Let that sink in for a minute…


I can’t believe how quickly the past few months have gone by.  It feels like yesterday when we were standing in an unfamiliar room, waiting to meet the kid who would change our world.

Now, anyone who knows me knows the pure joy I get out of throwing a party and pulling out all the stops (in the ever-so-suave D.I.Y style).  I don’t always get it right, as I tend to over-commit myself, but the it’s the thought that counts, right?

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I have been planning this first birthday party from the day we got our champion!  I was so excited about celebrating him that I wanted it to be perfect!  The theme changed a couple times in the process, but eventually we settled on a cowboy theme.  I had so much fun making all the hobby horses for the kiddos and even managed to get the cake done by 7pm the night before the party!  Go me!  That’s got to be a first?

The little man took in every aspect of his party with satisfaction and even ate his first “big boy food” (thanks Gogo for trying to hide what you were giving him!  We nearly didn’t see…)

a005 a051                         a003     

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Discoveries from his birthday weekend:

1.  Don’t expect an awesome, chocolate-covered face to pose for a photo.  We discovered our little man doesn’t like cake.  The kid-who-never-cries cried when we gave him some chocolate cake with icing.

2.  Kids parties should ALWAYS have an ending time.  I was exhausted by the time I was finished running around getting things organized.  My feet took an entire week to recover!

3.  Designate a photographer.  Luckily we thought of this before hand.  We would never have had many photos of the day if we had taken photos ourselves.  One of our best friends, and our boy’s “godfather”, was our designated photographer and he did an incredible job!  Thanks Ian!

4.  Don’t use polystyrene props with teeny tots around.  You WILL find someone around the corner taking a bite out of the cactus, ‘cos apparently polystyrene just tastes better than the cake!

5.  Hobby horses are not “old-fashioned”.  They were a hit!  The kids ran around the garden with them for the ENTIRE afternoon and left my child-unfriendly house alone!  It’s worth having something they can play with for the afternoon…
[I got the pattern for these ones HERE]

a059 a012 a002

IMG-20150119-WA0016 a052 a069


All in all, it was a successful day and our boy was spoiled beyond belief!  As tiring as it was, I know I will go through just as much effort next year ‘cos it will be so worth it.

PS.  I got the printables from another awesome mama’s site – click HERE


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